November Update

Posted: November 1, 2018 in Uncategorized

Guess what? I didn’t make the new story deadline!

You probably already guessed that from the fact that there was *no* October update.

See, when life happens, it happens by the butt-ton (and yes, that is an official measurement).

Let me tell you a story.

Hubby and I decided to sell our home, a mobile home we had lived in for 20+ years, due to new ownership of the park. We were prepared for the worst, because mobile homes around here often take *years* to sell. I didn’t want to look at any houses to buy because of that.

Hubby, though, browsed the Realtor app daily. And he had a front-runner that he wanted to look at. I declined. Not until our home sells. It doesn’t do any good to fall in love with a house and have it sold out from under you.

And then our house sold…eleven days after being listed. We had a helluva Realtor!

So we signed the papers and set up a list of houses to see…but the house hubby loved had been pulled from the market and was about to be put up as a rental. Our realtor talked to the other (previous) agent and got us a 48-hour opening to see the house and make a decision. We looked at many, many houses, and then went to see the one hubby loved… and it was perfect.

And just like that, we were moving. We had 45 days to close on our mobile home, which meant we had two weeks or less to pick a house, and only forty-eight hours to decide on the house hubby liked. It all came together so fast…

So we bought the house. We closed the third week in September on the new house, and the last week of September on the mobile home.

But, things can never go smoothly, can they?

Keep in mind, while all this home-showing, home-looking, packing, etc. is going on, I’m working full time, taking a class that requires multiple papers to be written, and still trying to write.

So the moving begins. However, six hours into the move, hubby falls off the deck at the mobile home and breaks his ankle in three places. Yeah.

In addition to all the above stuff, I’m now responsible for: all the unpacking, all of the household duties that we used to share, AND taking care of hubby while he recuperates.

Thankfully, we had wonderful friends and family who stepped in to help us move everything to the new house. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

And, as the weeks went by, hubby became more mobile and was more able to take care of himself and help with some household chores. But those first few weeks? Yikes. I was one stressed out maniac!

So I didn’t get my story written for the deadline. With the way things were, I’m just glad I got my homework done for my class and I didn’t let the dogs (or hubby) starve to death, lol!

But with optimism in my heart, I’m trying to get things back on track. I’m working on a new story (in-between research papers). I’ve not set a deadline for it or picked an anthology I want to write it for. Right now, I’m keeping it casual and not putting to much pressure on myself for the rest of the year.

There is good news to share on the writing front, though. Test Patterns: Creature Features is now available! It includes my short story, “From Little Acorns Grow…” Be sure to grab a copy! It’s available in paperback or Kindle.


See you next month! (Knock on wood)

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