December Update

Posted: December 2, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am working away in earnest to finish up a few things before the end of the year.

Before we embarked on the adventure of buying a new house and moving, I had set a goal of finishing at least one new short story before the year was over. At the time, I thought I was setting the bar low…HA! HA! HA!

I WILL achieve that goal (the first goal met in a while, woot!) with a new sci-fi comedy story I’m working on. The publications I intend to send it to have a deadline of the end of the month, but so far I’m on track (knock on wood, rub the rabbit’s foot, and anything else that brings me luck).

I’m also finishing up my first college course. I’m working on the final project, a revision of all the works produced in class, but that also is progressing smoothly.

Once those tasks are complete, I have a new goal for the new year.

Thanks to a writer’s workshop I took this year (and writing for my college class), I’ve realized I waste an awful lot of time when I should be writing (says every writer everywhere).

Ray Bradbury once advised that a short story writer should write one short story a week! That would be impossible for me, but my current rate of one or two short stories a year is ridiculously pitiful.

So, for 2019, I’ve set a goal of writing eight new short stories.   

Don’t forget to check back and see how I do.


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