January 2019

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How about that! I’m ending the year on a good note and actually getting things done ahead of time! Don’t get your hopes up that it’s going to happen very often, because it won’t.

First, I want to start by reminding you that Test Patterns: Creature Features is available for your reading pleasure. It includes my story, “From Little Acorns Grow.” It’s available in both paperback and Kindle. Pick up your copy today!

And Welcome to Miskatonic University is available for preorder directly from the publisher. It includes my story, “Wyrd Science.”

On the new writing front, I was able to meet my goal (just by the skin of my teeth) in getting one more new short story written and sent out before the end of the year. Now I can start thinking about what I want to accomplish in the coming year.

Speaking of 2019, there’s a lot of good stuff (well, HOPEFULLY good stuff…MAYBE good stuff) happening in television and movies this year.

We’ve been promised a new season of Stranger Things in 2019. Of course, by this point, the kids are all grown up and the scariest thing they’re dealing with now are mortgages and property taxes, but still… Stranger Things Season 3.

The other television series I’m looking forward to is the remake of Rod Serling’s Night Gallery. I love Twilight Zone, but Night Gallery was my favorite.. I’m just hoping the new writers can do it justice. Night Gallery coming to SyFy.

And, in case you’ve never heard of the wondrous Night Gallery, here’s the Wiki for the original series. Night Gallery Wiki.

There are a lot of great movies coming in 2019 (including IT part 2), but there are two I’m both looking forward to and feeling very skeptical about.

The first is Rise of the Living Dead, Cameron Romero’s prequel to his dad’s Night of the Living Dead. His dad essentially invented the modern zombie, so he’s got some big shoes to fill. It’s a must-see, for sure, but I’m expecting to be disappointed. Rise of the Living Dead.

The second is another remake of The Blob. I absolutely loved the originals (cut me some slack, I was a kid), but I didn’t care for the 80s remake. To be fair, I really should watch it again before I watch the latest one. Maybe I’ll see if I can do a whole blob-a-thon before I watch the newest. I am a little worried that everyone is touting this one as being more sci-fi, but that might be okay. A lot of people classify the Alien franchise as sci-fi, but it is one of the scariest franchises ever (at least Alien and Aliens are, anyway). So this is also on my must-see list. Of course, it does have Samuel L. Jackson in it, so that’s an automatic point in the “win” column for it. The latest Blob.

World War Z 2 WAS on my must-see list, but it looks like it won’t be released until 2020. Just gives us something to look forward to besides political ads in 2020!

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