February 2019

We’re having a “snow day” (cold day?) here, so what better way to spend it than updating the blog?

North Dakota is famous for its cold weather, so imagine our surprise when pretty much everything shut down today (January 29th, as I write this) because of extreme cold. When North Dakota and Minnesota shut down for extreme cold, you know it’s got to be like a scene from “The Day After Tomorrow.”

I’m using the day to do some editing and complain about the weather on Facebook.

I’m editing a new story I wrote in January for a deadline of the 31st. Yes, I know I’m cutting it close, but I’ll make it. The really great news is that it will be the SECOND of two new stories getting sent out, and January is only just ending! Go me!

Of course, you know I like to write short stories, but they have always been my favorite form to read. They are like a snack, and mixed-author anthologies are like a buffet; you get to sample all kinds of different stories from different writers.

My first read of 2019 was the short story anthology, The Best American Short Stories 2018. The editor for this edition was Roxane Gay, which made me even more excited for it because I’m a big fan. I even had the opportunity to take a fiction workshop she gave a few years back.

My favorites in this anthology were, in no particular order:

“Suburbia!” by Amy Silverberg;

“Items Awaiting Protective Enclosure,” by Tea Obreht (this is dystopian, by the way, and my absolute favorite of the collection);

“The Art of Losing,” by Yoon Choi;

“Boys Go to Jupiter,” by Danielle Evans.

My second read of 2019 was Best New Zombie Tales, Volume 1, edited by James Roy Daley. It’s a great collection with a variety of interesting takes on zombie lore.

My favorites, in no particular order:

“Wings,” by Jessica Brown;

“The Man Who Breaks the Bad News,” by Kealan Patrick Burke;

“Paradise Denied,” by John French;

“Pegleg and Paddy Save the World,” by Jonathon Maberry;

“Groundwood,” by Bev Vincent.

Next up, I’ll be diving into some of the books by authors coming to the local writer’s conference and trying to read my way through my pile of “The Best New Horror” anthologies. I haven’t quite decided what story I’m going to work on next on the writing front, but I do plan on brainstorming a bit on a Halloween project and see where that goes.

Until next time!
Carpe Corpus,