March 2019

The best-laid plans, and all that…

I didn’t expect to still be posting a blog here. I parked my website here a year ago, intending to move it somewhere else…eventually. So when the year anniversary of that “temporary” parking neared, I decided I’d better get on it and find a new website home.

As you can see, it hasn’t quite worked out! The first host I tried didn’t allow enough customization. The second host allowed a wonderful amount of customization, but the pricing was sketchy. The price that led me to sign up was not the price after I created a site; I literally had one window open that said one price and another price within their editor. And when I sent an email to their customer service, I got back an email saying:

“XXX web host pricing may vary depending on time, currency, geographical location and eligibility. Eligibility is a combination of individual factors which are being defined by XXX’s Team responsible for preparing and advertising our Premium offers, at their sole discretion. At this point, we’re unable to give you any further insights regarding the particular mechanisms behind the Premium pricing in your location.”

I don’t know much about how the web hosting business works, so I don’t understand a lot about their response. Why does pricing vary depending on “time”? Do I get a better deal if I sign up after midnight? And Eligibility? The two different prices were on the company’s own website, not a promo email, and neither was a “sale” price. So what do they mean by “eligibility”, and specifically, eligibility determined by team members? Do I need to friend one of them on Facebook and exchange funny cat videos to get better pricing? And then that last part, about not giving me any further insights, that just sounds like they’re telling me to bugger off. So I did.

So I’m still looking. I found another provider that I’m trying to test out, but we’ve almost swung to the other end of the customization scale, and this host almost allows too much customization. I haven’t used HTML or CSS in years, and I don’t remember much, so too much customization means I can really screw things up good. Plus, the host is definitely on the expensive side (for my taste; for someone who wants absolute customization power, I think the price is worth it).

So I’ll keep looking and building test sites, in between work, school, and writing. Hopefully, you’ll be visiting a redesigned new site by next month.

On the writing side of things, I’m excited to announce that my short story, “Indian Uprising,” will be appearing in the Third Flatiron anthology, Hidden Histories. More information will be coming soon!

See you next month!