July 2019

Well, rats!

Remember that story I was working on last month, the one set in space? The submission call for that one was supposed to close at the end of July, and I had another story I wanted to write for a call that closed at the end of June, so I put the space story on hold and wrote the June one. Of course, in the meantime, the end-of-July call closed early. Oh, well. The story is 90% done, so I’ll finish it and send it to another publication. Such is the writing life!

I managed to finish the June deadline story on time and get it submitted. It’s not as “supernatural” as the stuff I normally write, but it’s a really gross one that will definitely help if you’re trying to diet. That’s what makes it really scary: it’s a hundred percent plausible!

I also revised my “the characters are too mean” story and sent it off. We’ll see what kind of feedback I get this time.

(PS: to any editors who might be reading this, I know you can’t always give feedback on stories, but when you do, it’s highly appreciated by this author, even if it’s negative feedback. I may not agree with the feedback, but I always appreciate the opportunity to review my work in light of the feedback and potentially improve upon it.)

On the reading front, I finished New Poets of Native Nations (edited by Heid E. Erdrich). Some of my favorites:

  • Layli Long Soldier: “38”
  • Tommy Pico: “from Nature Poem”
  • Natalie Diaz: “American Arithmetic” AND “The First Water is the Body”
  • Trevino L. Brings Plenty: “Part Gravel, Part Water, All Indian” AND “Blizzard South Dakota”
  • Sy Hoahwah: “Glitter”*
  • Karenne Wood: “Amoroleck’s Words” AND “My Standard Response” AND “The Poet I Wish I Was”

*I like poetry, but I’m not a big reader of it. About 15% of what I read is poetry. Of that, I find that I generally like about 25%–or less–of the poems I read. And for a line or stanza to actually move me is really rare, but Sy Hoahwah’s Glitter did that with the stanza: “The Great Magnet / points the iron in my blood / towards the woods.” Beautiful.

I’m going to try to read two books at once this next round. On the genre front, I’m currently working through Weird Tales: Seven Decades of Terror. The book is organized by decade, and it is absolutely fascinating to see how writing and storytelling has changed over the years. I’m really enjoying time traveling through this book! I hope to have it finished by the next blog update, and I’ll list my favorite stories then.

The other book on my immediate to-be-read plan is Complete Idiot’s Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism in preparation for the fall semester. I figure if I can get an overview now, it will help when I have to dive into the four-inch-thick textbook for the class. #SummerRead #BeachRead, am I right?


That’s it for this month! Don’t forget to get your copy of these awesome anthologies that include stories from yours truly! #SummerReadsForReals