May 2020

And the pandemic continues! Though I’m no longer on a weird shift at work, I am still trying to get used to this new lifestyle. Cooking, cleaning, sewing…this new pandemic lifestyle is Amish! Or Amish if the Amish had Zoom meetings and Skype!

I’ve been making masks for hubby and I, especially important since our state is opening back up TODAY! I’m on the fence about the issue, because I don’t like the risk but understand why our state feels it’s necessary. I don’t know who these people are who can live without a job or who can get by on the government passing out $1200 every now and then, but I’m not one of them. And I’m pretty nervous about the “benefits” continuing for very long. That money has to come from somewhere, so today’s “benefit” becomes next year’s extra tax burden. We aren’t fixing the financial situation, we’re prolonging it because eventually our government-version payday loan is going to come due. That said, I’m in no hurry to die, either. So for now, I’m not going to be rushing into anything. I’m going to stay Amish for a while longer.

Though I haven’t been getting much writing done, I’ve stayed on track with reading.

April 2020 #500Stories500Nights

  • April 1: “One Night in Bangkok,” by Camille Griep (Drabblecast 352)
  • April 2: “The Feathered Cloak,” by Edward Ahern (Cast of Wonders 116)
  • April 3: “Beer on Sunday,” by Nick Mamatas (Tales to Terrify 8)
  • April 4: “Ariadne,” by Jennifer R Povey (Gallery of Curiosities 27)
  • April 5: “Caper,” by Larry Fessenden (Tales From Beyond The Pale 4)
  • April 6: “Kiriki Grocery,” by Tory Hoke (Drabblecast 355)
  • April 7: “Concerning That Whole God Thing,” by Curtis James McConnell (Podcasts from 3F-Third Flatiron 10-12-13)
  • April 8: “Blink Twice,” by Rebecca Birch (Overcast 30)
  • April 9: “Breath Stirs in the Husk,” by Eileen Wiedbrauk (Pseudopod 406)
  • April 10: “The Bad Poets Society,” by James Aquilone (Cast of Wonders 115)
  • April 11: “Sredni Vashtar,” by Saki (Nocturnal Transmissions 17)
  • April 12: “What it Sounds Like When You Fall,” by Natalia Theodoridou (Nightmare Magazine Jan 2019)
  • April 13: “An Exodus of Wings,” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam (Drabblecast 356)
  • April 14: “Eurydice in Capricorn,” by Neil James Hudson (Podcasts from 3F-Third Flatiron 2-10-14)
  • April 15: “Herb,” by T. Ku (Nocturnal Transmissions 19)
  • April 16: “The Madman of Paris,” by Aaron Palmer (The Wicked Library 823)
  • April 17: “A Streetcar Named Desire,” by Tennessee Williams
  • April 18: “There Will Always be Dragons,” by Benjamin Sperduto (Gallery of Curiosities)
  • April 19: “Junk Science,” by Brahm Revel (Tales From Beyond the Pale 6)
  • April 20: “Alienated,” by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley (Drabblecast 354)
  • April 21: “The Story of the Goblins Who Stole a Sexton,” by Charles Dickens (Nocturnal Transmissions 20)
  • April 22: “Death of a Salesman,” by Arthur Miller
  • April 23: “Spores,” by Seanen McGuire (Nightmare Magazine 6-4-14)
  • April 24: “Ten Wretched Things About Influenza Siderius,” by Rachael K. Jones (Drabblecast 358)
  • April 25: “Pictures in Crayon,” by Elizabeth Shack (Cast of Wonders 119)
  • April 26: “The Cask of Amontillado,” by Poe (Nocturnal Transmissions 21)
  • April 27: “The Humpback’s Wardrobe,” by Timothy Day (Overcast 40)
  • April 28: “The Anniversary,” by Den Patrick (Pseudopod 410)
  • April 29: “Clint Radigan’s Intergalactic Genitourinary Clinic,” by Lynda Clark (Drabblecast 357)
  • April 30: “Recitatif,” by Toni Morrison (LeVar Burton Reads, Mar 30 & Apr 6 2020)

Since I have literally written nothing since sometime in February, I’ve gotten fed up and decided I need to take back my writing life. So, I’m going to do Story A Day May. My goal is to write one flash story (1000 words) every day. Will I make it? Probably not, but even if I only hit 1/3 of the goal, that’s 10 more stories than I would have had otherwise. It’s a win any way I look at it. Really, I’ll be thrilled if I end up with TWO stories at the end of the month (yes, I am the queen of low expectations), but I’m going to give the challenge my very best shot!

That’s it for this month. Until next month, stay spooky, my friends!