July 2020

Can you believe the year is half over already? On one hand, it seems like it flew by; on the other, it seems like 2020 is the year that will. not. end.

I’m not too far behind on my goals this year. All my goals are on track except:
1) write 8 stories
2) write a horror poem
3) work on the website

I was way ahead on my eight-stories goal, and then, well . . . global pandemic. I’m working on my fourth story of the year right now, so I’m only a week or two behind. As long as I don’t drag my feet (or, god forbid, 2020 doesn’t throw more outrageous nonsense at us), I should be able to get back on track.

The horror poem is a pipe dream. It might happen, it might not, but I’d like to give it a shot.

And fixing up the website? Well, that’s a project that’s going to be like my student loan: with me for the rest of my life.

I stayed on track with my reading. Here is my June 2020 #500Stories500Nights list.

  • June 1: “The Cell Phones,” by Karen E. Bender (LeVar Burton Reads, 9-18-18)
  • June 2: “The Hunting Ground,” by Siri Paulson (Daily Science Fiction, 5-29-20)
  • June 3: “Reading the Room,” by Aeryn Rudel (The Overcast 127)
  • June 4: “Wedding Announcement,” by Colin Nissan (Selected Shorts podcast, 4-16-20)
  • June 5: “A Kiss With Teeth,” by Max Gladstone (LeVar Burton Reads, 3-16-20)
  • June 6: “Breathe,” by Brad C Hodson (Tales to Terrify 18)
  • June 7: “Thanks, But We Already Ate,” by Juliana Rew (Podcasts from 3F–Third Flatiron, 12-21-14)
  • June 8: “Twilight of the Electric Shadows,” by Paul R Hardy (Gallery of Curiosities, 3-27-20)
  • June 9: “A Hook, An Eye,” by Erin Strubbe (Daily Science Fiction, 5-28-20)
  • June 10: “Sarah Minds the Dog,” by Kim Newman (Tales From Beyond the Pale 33)
  • June 11: “The Hofzinser Club,” by Michael Chabon (LeVar Burton Reads, 10-28-19)
  • June 12: “Dracula’s Guest,” by Bram Stoker (1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales podcast, 10-27-19)
  • June 13: “The Green Princess,” by Kristin Holland (Nocturnal Transmissions 27)
  • June 14: “Corruption,” by Matt Butcher (The Other Stories 8.1)
  • June 15: “Images Across a Shattered Sea,” by Stewart C Baker (The Overcast 45)
  • June 16: “The Eyes of the Soul,” by Michel Faber (Selected Shorts podcast, 4-16-20)
  • June 17: “Isolation Point,” by John Shirley (Tales to Terrify 18)
  • June 18: “Skinwalker, Fast-Talker,” by Darcie Little Badger (LeVar Burton Reads, 3-2-20)
  • June 19: “Second to Last Stop,” by Evan Dicken (The Overcast 46)
  • June 20: “Speaking in Tongues,” by Glenn McQuaid (Tales From Beyond the Pale 25)
  • June 21: “Women’s Running Magazine,” by Luke Kondor (The Other Stories 9.1)
  • June 22: “Special Delivery,” by JW Zulauf (Nocturnal Transmissions 30)
  • June 23: “Robots Don’t Cry,” by George Edwards (Cast of Wonders 128)
  • June 24: “If You Were a Tiger, I’d Have to Wear White,” by Maria Dahvana Headley (Uncanny 001)
  • June 25: “Lost Boys,” by David Turnbull (Casket of Fictional Wonders, 11-22-17)
  • June 26: “The Whisperer in Darkness,” HP Lovecraft (Drabblecast 366 & 367)
  • June 27: “Breadman,” by Robert Lennon (Selected Shorts podcast, 4-23-20)
  • June 28: “Afternoon in Linen,” by Shirley Jackson (New Yorker Fiction Podcast, 5-1-20)
  • June 29: “Let Those Who Would,” by Genevieve Valentine (LeVar Burton Reads, 3-23-20)
  • June 30: “A Sound of Thunder,” by Ray Bradbury (1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales podcast, 4-15-16)

I’ve also been reading (in Audible) The Girl With All the Gifts. I saw the movie, and thought it was okay, but the book is much, much better (aren’t they always?)! I haven’t finished it yet. My “reading day” is planned out such that I try to listen to short story podcasts during the morning, then listen to novels on Audible in the afternoon. Once I finish it, though, I will probably go back and give the movie another watch.

I’ll probably do the same thing with Annihilation. I waited *FOREVER* to see the movie (I don’t go to theaters, and it was being held hostage in that “available to buy or watch on premium channels but not available to rent for a couple of years after release” business model). And then, after all that wait . . . I didn’t like it. Sure, it was pretty, and the soundtrack was phenomenal, but . . . meh. It just wasn’t my cup of tea (in fairness, I’ve heard people raving about the newest Colour Out of Space, and I thought it was pretty and pretty meh, too). I ordered the (Annihilation) series on Audible, hoping that the “book is better phenom” holds true with it, too, but haven’t started listening yet. Once I do, then I’ll watch the movie again.

(PS Side note. You know, when a lot of people talk about Annihilation, they talk about the big scary bear scene, and how horribly frightening that was and how it gave them nightmares. But my favorite movie is John Carpenter’s The Thing. When you compare the scenes of “people tied to chairs with a monster looming” from the two different movies, it becomes clear why the bear scene really didn’t do anything for me.)

I’ve got another podcast story coming up, this time at Nocturnal Transmissions. I’ll post a link on the webpage once it’s available for your listening pleasure. In the meantime, you can listen to two of my stories at:

Sympathy for the Devil, episode 126 at The Overcast podcast

Star Jelly, episode 436 at the Tales to Terrify podcast

See you next month…hopefully…it is 2020, after all, and you never know what’s going to happen next!