August 2020

Goals, goals, goals. Lots to do, so I’m keeping the blog short and sweet. As long as I don’t slack off, I’ll stay on track for my stories this year. I have two currently in the editing stage, which will bring my total to six new stories this year. That leaves me four-plus months to write two more stories to meet my goal of eight for this year. I should be able to make it, depending on what 2020 throws at us next.

I finished The Girl With All the Gifts and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Though I haven’t re-watched the movie yet, I’m pretty sure the ending of the movie wasn’t as good as the end of the book. I prefer stories without a tidy resolution or “happy” ending. I like stories that end in “all hope is lost” or “nothing will be the same again,” and I prefer it to be broad of scope (as in, not one person’s loss, but humanity’s loss/change).

(WARNING: Spoilers Ahead) That’s why I liked the ending of Stephen King’s story “The Mist” much better than the movie. The story ended with the surviving characters driving, driving, DRIVING to get out of the mist, and never finding the end. The movie, on the other hand, ended with the gut-wrenching decision to murder-suicide the whole crew, and then the army showed up with flamethrowers and the mist was dissipating. Sure, it was horrifying, but it wasn’t an all hope is lost or nothing will be the same again except for those few characters. In other words, it was sad in the same way that losing family in a car accident or to a disease is: it’s individual loss. The rest of the world goes on.

So now I’m even more ready to watch the movie again and see how it ended. Or really, see all of it again. I just don’t think it’s a good sign that I barely remember the movie at all. Who knows, though, maybe I was just wasn’t in the right frame of mind the first time I watched it. I’m willing to give it another chance.

July 2020 #500Stories500Nights

  • 1: “Flashlight Man,” by Merc Fenn Wolfmoor (Nightmare Magazine podcast, 3-18-20)
  • 2: “Stranger,” by Jeff Buhler (Tales From Beyond the Pale 29)
  • 3: “Where Justice Ends, Vengeance Begins,” by David Boop (Gallery of Curiosities, 9-22-17)
  • 4: “I Know What to Do,” by Yvonne Navarro (Tales to Terrify 21)
  • 5: “Bringing Down the Mast,” by Floris Kleijne (Startship Sofa 635)
  • 6: “The House That Dripped Character,” by B.G. Hilton (Pseudopod 642)
  • 7: “A Moonlit Savagery,” by Millie Ho (Nightmare Magazine, 4-22-20)
  • 8: “The Raven,” by Poe (Nocturnal Transmissions 31)
  • 9: “Jump,” by Cadwell Turnbull (LeVar Burton Reads, 10-14-19)
  • 10: “The Cave in the Lake,” by Max Lobdell (Nocturnal Transmissions 33)
  • 11: “The City of the Gone Away,” by Ambrose Bierce (Pseudopod 643)
  • 12: “See You on a Dark Night,” by Ben Peek (Nightmare Magazine podcast, 4-8-20)
  • 13: “The Day I Didn’t Meet Christopher Walken,” by Martin Mundt (Tales to Terrify 23)
  • 14: “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” by Washington Irving (1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales podcast, 10-19-16)
  • 15: “Second Hand,” by Andres Neuman (Selected Shorts podcast, 5-28-20)
  • 16: “Valedictorian,” by NK Jemisin (LeVar Burton Reads, 2-3-20)
  • 17: “Showing the Colours,” by Erica L. Satifka (The Overcast 50)
  • 18: “Benjan’s Affliction,” by Daniel Willcocks (The Other Stories 9.2)
  • 19: “That Which the Ocean Gives and Takes Away,” PL McMillan (Nocturnal Transmissions 77)
  • 20: “The Most Dangerous Game,” by Richard Connell (Litreading, 6-7-20)
  • 21: “Speak, Speak,” by Julia Alvarez (Selected Shorts, 5-21-20)
  • 22: “Tideline,” by Elizabeth Bear (LeVar Burton Reads, 1-27-20)
  • 23: “Once More Unto the Breach (But Don’t Worry, the Inflatable Swords Are Latex-Free),” by Tina Connolly (Uncanny Magazine 35A)
  • 24: “Devil’s Bridge,” by Frances Hardinge (Cast of Wonders 420)
  • 25: “The New Mutants,” by Angelique Fawns (Podcasts from 3F-Third Flatiron, 6-30-20)
  • 26: “Tales We Tell,” by Larry Fessenden (Tales From Beyond the Pale 31 & 32)
  • 27: “The Algorithm,” by Matthew C. Butcher (The Other Stories 54.1)
  • 28: “The World Ends in Salty Fingers and Sugared Lips,” by Jenn Reese (Uncanny Magazine 35A)
  • 29: “The Water Museum,” by Nisi Shawl (LeVar Burton Reads, 10-7-19)
  • 30: “Good Neighbors,” by Frank Oreto (The Overcast 129)
  • 31: “Degustation,” by Ashley Deng (Nightmare Magazine podcast, 6-17-20)

Okay. I’m off to work on those two stories. Until next time, stay spooky!