September 2020

I just can’t even believe it’s September already. I was able to finish one of the two stories that I was (wrongly) certain I’d finish before the end of August, but the other one isn’t quite ready yet. I’ve moved from being right on track with my yearly goals to being worried. I guess we’ll just have to see how the next few months work out!

Not that I’m starting the last part of the year on a good omen: I’ve been called up for jury duty. Only *I* could have the kind of luck to be called up for jury duty during a global pandemic. Though we were doing fairly well, once the university opened back up, our numbers have skyrocketed. Our city council has moved the risk level from “high” to being right on the verge of “severe.” And so now I have to go sit in a crowded courtroom.

Speaking of university, class is back in session, which is also slowing me down considerably. Before 2020 slid off the rails, I was really excited about fall semester because I was going to be taking a class from my favorite English professor from twenty-plus years ago! Then the students started coming back to campus and our local covid numbers started to skyrocket. I was worried for myself (I’m definitely within the high risk group) but also worried for my professor. Thankfully, she decided to move the class to Zoom. I wish UND had more English classes available online even outside of a global pandemic, but I definitely appreciate it in the middle of a pandemic.

Which leads me to the technological miracle of the month. We are still in the middle of camping season, and I was a little concerned about it conflicting with school starting. I didn’t want to cut my camping season short, but I also didn’t want to miss a lot of classes. Thanks to the class moving online, I was able to use Zoom and attend my English class while on an island, in a lake, in the middle of nowhere. What an amazing time we live in (technologically, at least; too bad everything else is a goldarn dumpster fire).

On the good news front, I’m proud to announce that one of my stories will be appearing in the next anthology from Third Flatiron Publishing, Brain Games! More details coming soon.

Last months reading/listening for August 2020 #500Stories500Nights

  • 1: “A Jury of Her Peers,” by Susan Glaspell (LitReading 5-16-20)
  • 2: “We Sang You As Ours,” by Nibedita Sen (Cast of Wonders 421)
  • 3: “Wind Chimes,” by Sean O’Dea (Podcasts from 3F-Third Flatiron 9-27-15)
  • 4: “The Gravesman,” by Joe Palumbo (Nocturnal Transmissions 35)
  • 5: “A Chinese Whisper,” by Karl Poyzer (The Other Stories 53.3)
  • 6: “You and Me and Mars,” by Sandy Parsons (StarShip Sofa 632)
  • 7: “We Came Home from Hunting Mushrooms,” by Adam R. Shannon (Nightmare Magazine podcast, 7-22-20)
  • 8: “Staying Behind,” by Ken Liu (LeVar Burton Reads, 3-9-20)
  • 9: “The Baby,” by Simon Rich (Selected Shorts, 7-23-20)
  • 10: “And All the Trees of the Forest Shall Clap Their Hands,” by Sharon Hsu (Uncanny 32B)
  • 11: “My Financial Career,” by Stephen Leacock (LitReading, 7-7-20)
  • 12: “The Devil and Tom Walker,” by Washington Irving (1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales, 1-16-17)
  • 13: “The Year of the Teacup Dragon,” by Suzanne J Willis (Gallery of Curiosities, 4-6-20)
  • 14: “Old Man Winter,” by Dan Fields (Nocturnal Transmissions 74)
  • 15: “Copperopolis,” by Tommy Orange (Storyboard S2Ep2)
  • 16: “Love Letter,” by George Saunders (The New Yorker The Writer’s Voice 3-31-20)
  • 17: “Tiger Baby,” by JY Yang (LeVar Burton Reads, 9-23-19)
  • 18: “Nevada Funeral-Scotty Briggs and the Clergyman,” by Mark Twain (LitReading 5-25-20)
  • 19: “Man on the Ledge,” by Joe Maggio (Tales From Beyond the Pale 37)
  • 20: “Unhaunted House,” by Richard E. Danksy (Pseudopod 709)
  • 21: “A Yellow Dog,” by Bret Harte (1001 Classic Short Stories and Tales, 8-9-20)
  • 22: “On the Feeding Habits of Humans: A Firsthand Account,” by Rachel K. Jones and Khalida Muhammed-Ali (Drabblecast 424)
  • 23: “Surplus Army,” by Pauline J Alama (Podcasts from 3F-Third Flatiron, 3-24-16)
  • 24: “Riippuvuus,” by T. Ku (Nocturnal Transmissions 52)
  • 25: “A Fish Doesn’t Know,” by Myk Pilgrim (The Wicked Library 1011)
  • 26: “Midnight on Addison Street,” by Wendy Nikel (Podcasts from 3F-Third Flatiron, 9-27-16)
  • 27: “Paper Wings and Arrow Juice,” by Gordon B White (Tales to Terrify 446)
  • 28: “The Man at Dealey Plaza,” by Paul Michael Anderson (The Wicked Library 1010)
  • 29: “Dive in Me,” by Selena Chambers and Jesse Bullington (Pseudopod 715)
  • 30: “Dread,” by John Dulak (Daily Science Fiction, 8-20-20)
  • 31: “Masks,” by Peter Sutton (The Best Horror of the Year Volume Eleven, edited by Ellen Datlow)

I’m off to try and finish that second story and get myself back on track. Until next month, stay spooky!