January 2021

JUMANJI!!! There. It’s over now, right? Well, maybe not, but at least a new year brings new hope!

I am INSANELY busy trying to get my writing life back on track in the new year. The last few months I have done nearly zero writing, and I have even let my resubs lapse. For you non-writers, re-subs are what happens when a story we send out is rejected by the publication. Afterwards, we have to research and find another market to send it to. I’ve let my resubs go so long that I literally only have one story still out at a magazine, and the only reason IT is still out there is because the magazine is a slow responding publication. It has been “under consideration” at that magazine since last February! So every story I currently have written and available for publication is sitting here on my laptop, waiting to be sent out to find its new home.

Also, all my submission calls have to be updated. Although some publications/podcasts are open all the time, many have specific submission periods, limited times when they accept stories to consider for publication. I keep a file called “upcoming deadlines” so I know which publishers will be accepting stories and when. Of course, just like everything else, I haven’t been keeping that up to date these last few months. So now I’m going through, clearing out the old sub calls, and updating with new deadlines.

It’s a whole lot of work, but I only have myself to blame.

So far, as of this post, I’ve sent out four resubs, pulled two stories that need to be edited before they can be sent as resubs (to some quickly impending deadlines, I might add), and found three themed anthologies I’d like to write stories for (one of which, of course, also has a looming deadline).

PS Classes start again in less than two weeks, so I’m trying to “get my poop in a group” before my level of busy-ness increases!

With that in mind, this blog post is going to be short and sweet!

Here is my reading/listening list for the December 2020 #500Stories500Nights

  • 1: “Dark Satanic Mills,” by Fraser Sherman (The Overcast 138)
  • 2: “Proof,” by J. Courtney Sullivan (The Chronicles of Now, 7-22-20)
  • 3: “Hansa and Gretyl and Piece of Shit,” by Rebecca Curtis (New Yorker: The Writer’s Voice, 11-10-20)
  • 4: “Nawabdin Electrician,” by Daniyal Mueenuddin (New Yorker Fiction, 4-1-19)
  • 5: “Top Tier,” by Harold R Thompson (StarShipSofa 624)
  • 6: “Introduction to the Horror Story, Day 1,” by Kurt Fawver (Nightmare Magazine Podcast, 11-18-20)
  • 7: “Cuisine des Mémoires” by N.K. Jemisin (LeVar Burton Reads, 8-26-19)
  • 8: “The Rose MacGregor Drinking and Admiration Society,” by T. Kingfisher (Uncanny 25A)
  • 9: “Two in One,” by Deborah Davitt (Tales to Terrify 459)
  • 10: “Read This First,” by Bob DeRosa (Saturday Morning Horror from Perpetual Motion Machine, 12-5-20)
  • 11: “The Crystal Ball That Lied,” by GB Burgess (The Overcast 139)
  • 12: “The Genetic Alchemist’s Daughter,” by Elaine Cuyegkeng (Pseudopod 731)
  • 13: “Mother of Invention,” by Nnedi Okorafor (LeVar Burton Reads, 11-16 & 11-23-20)
  • 14: “The Pit and The Pendulum,” Poe (Nocturnal Transmissions 50)
  • 15: “Oh Ghost of Mine,” by Zach Bartlett (The Overcast 91)
  • 16: “The Extinction Show,” by Manuel Gonzales (The Chronicles of Now, 7-8-20)
  • 17: “A for Alone,” by Curtis Sittenfeld (New Yorker: The Writer’s Voice, 10-27-20)
  • 18: “The Colonizers,” by J. Weintraub (StarShipSofa 648)
  • 19: “Cultural Relativity,” by Charles Johnson (Selected Shorts Rites & Rituals, 12-3-20)
  • 20: “Maternal Instinct,” by Chris Lester (Drabblecast 435)
  • 21: “Rapture,” by Reggie Oliver (Nocturnal Transmissions 91)
  • 22: “The Dogfisherman,” by Edward Ahern (The Other Stories 59.1)
  • 23: “The Twenty-Sixth Second,” by George Fox (Selected Shorts Rites of Passage, 12-10-20)
  • 24: “Just Desserts,” by Mary Soon Lee (Daily Science Fiction, 12-18-20)
  • 25: “The Thing About Ghost Stories,” by Naomi Kritzer (Uncanny Podcast 25B)
  • 26: “The Shallow One,” by Matthew Sanborn (Drabblecast 437)
  • 27: “How to Influence Friends and Make People,” by Austen McGee (The Overcast 88)
  • 28: “The Ponz,” by Jess Walter (The Chronicles of Now, 5-27-20)
  • 29: “The Pet,” by Nadine Gordimer (The New Yorker: Fiction podcast 2-1-19)
  • 30: “Ghost Collecting,” by Sheila Massie (Flash Fiction Online, October 2020)
  • 31: “It’s a Bird,” by MA Dosser (Daily Science Fiction, 12-16-20)

All I can say is, thank goodness for podcasts! I’d never be able to enjoy as many stories without them!

Speaking of stories, I have two upcoming stories for your enjoyment. My story, “Nomad’s Land,” will be appearing in Cosmic Horror Monthly next month. My story, “US Portal Service,” which appeared in Third Flatiron Publishing’s Brain Games anthology will be produced as a podcast by Third Flatiron. I’ll provide links for both when more information is available!

Until next month, Stay Spooky!