September 2021

Hello, Fall!

You might have noticed there was no blog post last month. This was due to two things:

  1. Mental Health Crisis. A bad one. And it was my hubby. Thankfully, he was receptive to seeking help and is on the road to recovery. That whole “the first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem” thing is tough with mental health issues because it’s hard for someone to hear, “You know, my love, I think there might be a problem. You are acting a little crazy.” Thankfully, all is well now. He’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is getting treatment. But life really slid off the rails there for a while, and it could have ended badly. Very badly. I’m glad it didn’t, and we are working together to continue on this adventure together, building a healthier, happier hubby.
  2. No writing to report on. Not a lot of reading, either. The crisis, and its repercussions and manifestations, were the sole focus of life for a while. Again, healthier, happier hubby means life is getting back to normal and writing will be taking place again very soon.

Of course, not TOO soon on the writing. Although life otherwise has settled down, school did start, so I am back in class again and swamped with homework. So writing will happen, it just will happen very slowly, lol.

Until next month, take it day by day. And go easy on yourself. You are enough, and I appreciate you.