November 2021

Welcome to NaNoWriMo, which every writer except me seems to be doing this month!

For those unfamiliar with the term, NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. During November, writers all over the world participate in a challenge to write 50K words during the month. Yeah, technically not the standard length for a novel, but a good start for the word count standards of most genres.

As a short story writer, I haven’t done NaNo in years. I had considered doing a modified NaNo this year to get back into the swing of writing…maybe just 50K across multiple short stories. Of course, my average short story length is 3-5K, so that means I’d have to write ten to sixteen short stories and, well, as you can see from the lateness of this post (cough, cough), I’ve been busy and behind on everything, so 50K just isn’t going to happen this month.

I’ll be happy if I just get ONE short story written this month. The bar is low, baby, and I still ain’t making it, lol!

That’s okay. There’s always next year!

As for reading, I finished The Last Survivors and settled on Indian Horse by Richard Wagamese as my next read. I liked it, but I had no idea just how much hockey figured into this book. I don’t understand why this book isn’t required reading in every high school here where I live. I kinda wish I had bought it in book form rather than the audiobook. Book-form would have made it easier to skip the in-depth hockey parts.

After that, I was perusing for another audiobook to listen to, and I settled on The Phoenix Descent, by Chuck Grossart. Guess what it’s about? Yep. You got it. Cordyceps fungus. This time, the story involves time travel. People on the mission to Mars get sent ahead in time 200 years and return to earth after cordyceps fungus has caused an apocalypse.

I had alway thought the cordyceps fungus was fascinating, and I always thought I might write a story about it. Now I’m disinclined to, lol.

For a nonfiction read, I’m working on The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now. I’ll save my notes on it and share them when I finish it (so that’s either something you have to look forward to, or it’s an advance warning, lol).

I didn’t manage to get any short story podcasts listened to in October, but I have downloaded several and hope to get back on #500Stories500Nights *this* month (yeah, I probably said that last month, too, right?).

On the TV/movies front, I Finished watching Reservation Dogs. The season finale was the best episode yet, and I can’t wait for the next season.

I’m watching the third season of Creepshow, but I haven’t finished it yet. It’s a great series. It has big shoes to fill because the original was so campy and fun, but the writers they’ve chosen have done a great job of living up to it!

On the “I’m a big nerd” front, I ordered this shirt from ShirtPunch and am anxiously awaiting its arrival!

And, on the “what kind of internet rabbit holes can I fall into in order to avoid writing?”, I saw this interesting thing called The Science of the Cards. It’s essentially astrology with playing cards. My birthday makes me an Ace of Diamonds, and diamonds represent fall.

What they say about Aces: Aces are leaders. Ambitious, energetic, motivated, and dynamic. They are independent people who easily initiate new projects. If expressed negatively, they can be over-bearing, impatient, and self-centered.

Why, that doesn’t sound like me at all!

Whether you believe in astrology and these sorts of things or not, it’s still fun to check out.

That’s it for this month! Next month is usually the goals assessment post, but I’m going to skip that this year because we both know I fell way short of my mark this year. That’s okay; it happens. So next month I’ll be posting my goals for 2022 instead.

Until then, Stay Spooky, my friends!