November 2020

The title for this month’s post should be, “Random Thoughts” because you’re going to get a little bit of everything! We’ve been staying home a lot lately because it is very scary around here. We’ve got the highest cases per capita in the US, and our health department is telling people to do their own… Continue Reading

October 2020

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year! I figured sharing a couple of pictures of my creepy corn would be a good way to start off this post. Can you imagine peeling back the husk and seeing this staring back at you? Yes, that is real corn I’ve grown in my very own… Continue Reading

September 2020

I just can’t even believe it’s September already. I was able to finish one of the two stories that I was (wrongly) certain I’d finish before the end of August, but the other one isn’t quite ready yet. I’ve moved from being right on track with my yearly goals to being worried. I guess we’ll… Continue Reading

August 2020

Goals, goals, goals. Lots to do, so I’m keeping the blog short and sweet. As long as I don’t slack off, I’ll stay on track for my stories this year. I have two currently in the editing stage, which will bring my total to six new stories this year. That leaves me four-plus months to… Continue Reading

July 2020

Can you believe the year is half over already? On one hand, it seems like it flew by; on the other, it seems like 2020 is the year that will. not. end. I’m not too far behind on my goals this year. All my goals are on track except:1) write 8 stories2) write a horror… Continue Reading