October 2019

Summer went by way too fast, but at least it means the most wonderful time of the year is here: fall! All three days of it, here in North Dakota! I guess I shouldn’t complain, though. Usually we’ve had a solid killing frost by now, but our temperatures have been pretty mild. Montana is in… Continue Reading

September 2019

Well! I guess you can tell how my July/August went, considering I completely missed the August post! Part of the problem is just summer in North Dakota. Our good-weather-season is so short that you want to try and suck every bit of life out of it that you can. And with this being the first… Continue Reading

July 2019

Well, rats! Remember that story I was working on last month, the one set in space? The submission call for that one was supposed to close at the end of July, and I had another story I wanted to write for a call that closed at the end of June, so I put the space… Continue Reading

June 2019

May was definitely a crazy month. I’ve been working on a new story that’s a little outside my comfort zone. It’s not exactly hard sci-fi, but it’s a little harder than what I normally write. It’s set in space, and it requires quite a bit of fact-checking in order to make sure the science is… Continue Reading

May 2019

April was definitely not a good month for goals. Too much life, too little writing. I didn’t have a new short story in development, but I did work on revision of a story that was rejected with the comment: “the characters seem awfully mean-spirited.” Yikes! Not the intent, for sure. The story centers on several… Continue Reading

April 2019

Surprise, surprise! Here we are, still at the same old website. I have waved the white flag and admitted (partial) defeat. I feel like I tried out a thousand web hosts. I think it was really only eight or ten, but it felt like more. Do you know how sick I am of building test… Continue Reading

March 2019

The best-laid plans, and all that… I didn’t expect to still be posting a blog here. I parked my website here a year ago, intending to move it somewhere else…eventually. So when the year anniversary of that “temporary” parking neared, I decided I’d better get on it and find a new website home. As you… Continue Reading