August 2020

Goals, goals, goals. Lots to do, so I’m keeping the blog short and sweet. As long as I don’t slack off, I’ll stay on track for my stories this year. I have two currently in the editing stage, which will bring my total to six new stories this year. That leaves me four-plus months to… Continue Reading

July 2020

Can you believe the year is half over already? On one hand, it seems like it flew by; on the other, it seems like 2020 is the year that will. not. end. I’m not too far behind on my goals this year. All my goals are on track except:1) write 8 stories2) write a horror… Continue Reading

June 2020

Oops! Guess who forgot to post her blogpost on the first of the month? The sad part is that the post (sans link below to Tales to Terrify) was done in the the last days of May, and I just forgot to post it! Better late than never, I guess! On the writing front in… Continue Reading

May 2020

And the pandemic continues! Though I’m no longer on a weird shift at work, I am still trying to get used to this new lifestyle. Cooking, cleaning, sewing…this new pandemic lifestyle is Amish! Or Amish if the Amish had Zoom meetings and Skype! I’ve been making masks for hubby and I, especially important since our… Continue Reading

April 2020

Well, who ever thought we’d be living in a global pandemic? We are all living in a real-life horror story, and it’s hard right now to focus on anything but that! My writing has taken a hit because of it. I’ve been doing a great job of keeping my work out there, making the rounds,… Continue Reading